How To Grow Your Business Online

How To Grow Your Business Online

If you already started your business you must be thinking how you can grow your business online? In today’s world, everything is online so we must have our presence online. This article will guide you through on how to grow your business online. This is a short summary of the content of the infographic.

Quality Website Is A Must

A quality website is a basic step for growing your business online. Credibility and effectiveness are the core component of a website. SEO friendly website is a must to rank on search engines. For any business, we often recommend WordPress as a website platform.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) To Boost Your Business Instantly

If you need business on urgent basis then there is no alternative for Internet Advertising, especially Pay Per Click advertising. PPC can drive qualified traffic to your website within a short time. You need to understand and track your lead generation and conversions. Therefore Google Analytics can be a great help. With keyword research from your PPC analytics, you can find out which keywords drive your sales and then you can utilize that into your website SEO. SEO generates leads through higher traffic, lower cost organic search.

SEO Brings More Leads Over Time With Lower Cost

You need to understand your business unique selling point. Each page of your website needs to be focused on that unique selling point. This Unique Selling Point needs to be compelling for both people and spiders- those agents that the search engines use to crawl and index your site into the findable space. To find out peoples saying about you and your website, search engine looks for backlinks and other digital referrals like tweets, facebook posts, google plus posts. If all things are same on two sites then the site with quality content and backlinks wins the race. Proper relevant backlink helps your website to be found more frequently for search terms that are meaningful for your business.

Social Media Diversifies and Widens Your Client Base

Social media is becoming essential to growing your business online. Search engines count Social Media links in search results. Social media also helps to build your community which can turn your visitors into potential customers. Any Facebook post, or Tweet or LinkedIn or Google Plus share can be visible in front of a new potential customer who may never hear of you. We recommend using social media marketing so that you can measure its impact on the growth of your business.

Some tips on using social media:

  1. Profiles-  Establish your profiles in your name now!  Even if you are not currently active, on say Pinterest, you still want to reserve your company or brand name.
  2. Blog.  Blogging creates valuable unique content for your site, keeping it fresh & up-to-date which is great for SEO and your target audience.
  3. Listen first on Social media, then engage with people socially. Avoid broadcasting and aggressive self-promotion. Think of Social Media as one huge multi-room cocktail party. Go into each room to make personal connections first, just like you do in real life.
  4. Groups- Enagage with different local groups on Facebook if you want to discovered by local people.

Benchmark Your website, PPC, SEO and Social Media against your Business Objectives

You can never be satisfied on your first go with the website, SEO, or PPC campaign. You need to do several experiments to get the best result. You need to be very patient while doing the experiment. You need to refine and enhance your keywords for optimal performance in order to grow your business. No foolproof model is there so the winning model needs constant assess. This is the importance of benchmarking. The use of analytics, aggressive research and custom designed benchmarking lets in you to make refinements in your web site and campaigns. You may see what’s working and what not, fast and correctly and then you can make enhancements. The internet does no longer stand nevertheless. You need to stay modern-day and fresh and the quality way to do this is to evaluate your enterprise results and make adjustments as appropriate.

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