Promo Video

Looking for a promotional videos for your business, website or an upcoming event – you’ve come to the right place! Digi Tech Lab offers professional quality videos within your budget. With a proper script you will be able to deliver the perfect message to your clients in a visual way.

What We Do

A video is much more interactive than an image. For any kind of videos like whiteboard animation, intro and logo animation, product explainer, our expert team can assist you every possible way to make it top of the class.

We will discuss, brainstorm and plot the best idea you select. We will make a script with your idea and give it depth to make it the best. After finalizing the script, we make a demo. Upon your satisfaction, we will develop the actual video. And tada… it’s live.

We will advertise it, post it on social sites and promote it immensely if you like.

Our Video Services


  • Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
  • Intros & Animated Logos
  • Promotional & Brand Videos
  • Editing & Post Production
  • Animated Charecters & Modeling
  • Other

Lets Get Started

We make professional videos to grab your clients attention within a day.